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Guaranteed Car Credit & Finance Service

Guaranteed Car Credit & Finance Service

A Guaranteed Car Credit & Finance Service
As the current recession continues to bite, a lot of people are simply fed up of being declined for car finance and have had enough of everybody doing credit searches, which are then placed on your credit reference file, just making everything worse for you! If this sounds like you, then you have definitely come to the right place! At Northumbria Car Sales, as one of the UK’s leading car finance specialists, their Guaranteed car Credit services sole aim is to assist everybody get the car finance they need to help them drive off in the vehicle of their choice.

Arguably the most difficult part when buying a used car is getting a good deal on a used car loan. There are plenty of great deals out there for high quality new cars, but when it comes locating decent car finance for a used car, then this is becoming increasingly difficult.  One solution when buying a used car it’s important is to contact a dealer such as Northumbria Car Sales who are a family run card dealership who have been established for over 22 years offering a wide selection of quality used cars, vans and motorhomes. Plus, a great ‘guaranteed car finance’ service which has been developed specifically with the used car purchaser in mind.

Northumbria car sales work closely with some of the most well-known and reputable financial service lenders, banks, leasing companies and private lenders who are ready, willing and able to do business with you regardless of your previous credit issues. With their unique approach, Northumbria Car Sales aims to ensure that each applicant is assured the best interest rate and terms for their specific car finance application. And remember, if you have good credit, we will get you approved at highly competitive car finance interest rates.

The Car Finance Application Service is Fast, Free, and Easy. Once you have applied, you will hear back from us within 24 hours with a credit limit. Then you will be assigned a personal advisor to you to help you through the whole process. It’s never been so simple to get guaranteed car finance!

Don’t let getting declined stop you from contacting us because you think that yet again you will be turned down because we accept everyone no matter what your credit history is like.

At Northumbria Car Sales we will always go that ‘extra mile’ to help you get you the car finance and the motor vehicle you deserve.  Once approved, you will have access to a large selection of high-quality, used vehicles. We will take care of everything for you, including helping you complete the paperwork and before you know it you will be on your way in your new car!

As well as GUARANTEED CAR FINANCE when you buy a car from Northumbria Car Sales you also get 1 Year MOT on all car sales as Standard, 6 Months Road Tax as Standard on all cars sold, 3 Months Warranty as Standard on all cars sold and all Cars are Fully Serviced.

Finding a great deal on used car finance doesn’t always have to be difficult. As one of the leading car finance specialists in the North East of England, even if you have been refused vehicle finance in the past, we guarantee to be able to help you.

With over 22 years’ experience in providing high quality used cars and, Northumbria Car Sales have already helped thousands of clients drive away! Call us now and let us help you drive away the car you’ve always promised yourself.

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Electrical Appliances in the North East

Electrical Appliances in the North East

Looking for Electrical Appliances in the North East
Heslop Electrical Appliances are a specialist Newcastle based supplier of high quality, guaranteed electrical appliances. In these difficult economic times, Heslop Appliances have not only survived, but flourished, we believe due to the very high regard placed by the company on providing the best product at the best price together with great customer service.

Established in 2008 by John Heslop who has over 20 years experience within the electrical industry working for brands such as Fagor, Candy, Baumatic and was Sales Director for Hoover built-in appliances, you can be certain we have the knowledge to advise you to the best appliance for your needs.

Located close to the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, we believe your purchase should be quick and simple, with 7 Day a Week Delivery on everything we have in stock, and the brands we supply include Bosch, Hotpoint, Indesit, Candy, Hoover, Zanussi, Aeg, Flavel, Beko, Ignis, Whirlpool, Daewoo, Fridgemaster, and Gorenje.

We also provide a full installation service with in 15 mile radius of Newcastle so you can be up and running with your new appliance in no time at all.

We stock a wide range of white goods, kitchen appliances and domestic appliances at discount prices. We boast an exceptional range of discount built in ovens and cookers, microwaves, electric hobs, extractor hoods, refrigerators, washing machines, washer dryer, dishwasher, and vacuum cleaners.

Reliability, product knowledge and excellent back up service ensure our customers keep coming back – some have been using us for many years, with much of our business being repeat business with many of our clients ordering new appliances time and time again.

Enquiries are welcome and free impartial advice is given. If you are looking for a good old fashioned service at a great price then call us now on 0191 2634296.

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Tips on Choosing & Researching Keywords

Tips on Choosing & Researching Keywords

Choosing & Researching Keywords
It can be difficult to choose the keywords that describe your company and its products or services so that users will see your website when they perform an online search. Obviously, you want people who are searching for what products or services you provide to find your website near the top of the search engine results pages, so how do you achieve this?

The answer is “by using keywords and key phrases in your website content.” These are the words that people type into search engines when they are looking for something.

Choosing and researching good keywords is a process that takes several steps that can essentially be broken down into the following stages:

Initial keyword Research
Have a brain storming session with your staff and, if possible, customers. Ask other people for ideas, too, including your family, try to get as many opinions as possible. You will often discover that what you consider your optimal key phrases are not those typically used by your customers.

Use Key Word Research Tools
There are several online keyword research tools that offer information about the number of times users perform searches for specific words. These can help you identify key phrases ‘related’ to your products or services that might help generate quality traffic to your website.

Selecting of Key Words
Use the research you have done and select the most appropriate key words that is likely to deliver the best results for your business. Note this may mean you choose a key phrase that isn’t the most searched for (which will probably be the most ‘competitive’ in terms of achieving a page 1 result on the web) but which will bring you high quality traffic in numbers that should help generate you business.

After you’ve chosen your keywords and optimized your site, you need to perform measurements to see whether it’s delivering the amount of traffic and conversions you expected. You can use this information to make adjustments and refine your keyword strategy.

The above represents a fairly basic overview of choosing effective key phrases for your website and the web is full of more in depth articles and guides to help you.

For more information on choosing the right key words for your website call Direct Submit and see how we can help you make the most of your Internet project.

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Burgbad & Victoria and Albert Bathrooms

Burgbad & Victoria and Albert Bathrooms

Burgbad & Victoria and Albert Designer Bathroom
A new year is an excellent time to make improvements in various aspects of your life, and some areas ready for a change may include such all-important areas of your home as the kitchen and bath. If you have plans to remodel a bathroom in your home in 2015, it will be helpful to know what will be fashionable in 2015 and, likely, for years to come. Following are some trends to help you plan your bathroom remodel and guide your selection of individual components.

When planning a bathroom remodel, it’s easy to let one’s preferred components – tubs, shower cubicles and the like – dictate how the rest of the bathroom will look or become the dominant “design” components. The truth is, no free-standing tub, no matter how beautiful or expensive, can itself guide the design of a luxury bathroom; at best, it would be appreciated individually despite its failure to contribute to any sort of integrated design. By beginning with a sense of the look and feel you would like for your remodelled bathroom, the components you choose will look nice both individually and as part of a seamless whole.

Natural beauty components such as stone feature walls were a hot trend in 2014 which is expected to continue into 2015 and beyond. Think of the calming effect of a Japanese rock garden and then work similar design components into your bathroom. The “water features” are a given, so it’s simply a matter of bringing even more of nature’s tranquillity indoors to create that calming effect and enhance the overall experience.

Plant life was an underutilized design component in most bathrooms until this past year, and the incorporation of tropical plants into luxury bathrooms is also expected to continue in 2015. Long overdue for their time in the bathroom and other areas of the home, given the increased attention to environmental pollution in recent years, tropical plants clean the air naturally and even radiate negative ions, contributing to the calming effect created by other design elements from nature.

The spa treatment
That all said, there is a lot to love about luxury bathroom remodels that bring the spa home with you. Free-standing tubs by suppliers such as Victoria and Albert Bathrooms make beautiful centrepieces and even complement bathroom designs focusing on natural beauty by providing soft, natural contours. Spacious custom vanities by the likes of Burgbad Bathrooms will add both beauty and practicality by giving her the space she needs to get ready for the day – or to wind down in the evening – while allowing others to use their own space as they prefer.

Many Burgbad bathroom furniture pieces, including sleek wood shelving and wall-mounted vanities, work especially well in bathrooms which reflect an appreciation for the beauty of nature. Imagine having such a bathroom for yourself; you’ll most certainly feel an improvement in your quality of life from the first time you step across the heated floor to your beautiful new tub for a relaxing soak surrounded by calming, natural colours and features.

P.T. Ranson has been supplying and installing components for luxury bathrooms across the UK for over 15 years. We work with architect’s specifications as needed and are prepared to guide homeowners through every step of the process, from initial consultation and planning to final installation. Let our experts outfit your home with the luxury bathroom of your dreams in 2015.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today on 0191 469 6999 or visit the P.T. Ranson designer bathrooms website today.

Common Air Leakage Paths that May Cause Air Tightness Test Failures

Common Air Leakage Paths that May Cause Air Tightness Test Failures

Common Air Leakage Paths that May Cause Air Tightness Test Failures
Using our considerable experience in regards to air leakage test failures and smoke testing to find air leakage paths, we have built up a good understanding as to the to the most common air leakage paths in residential and commercial buildings.

Here is a list of the most common areas that may result in air tightness test failures:

General Items (Air Test Failure Risk 8/10)

  • Large gaps left around services that penetrate through the floor e.g. soil pipes etc.
  • Gaps between floorboards.
  • Around the perimeter of the floor and walls junction – air escapes behind the dot and dab plasterboard.
  • Joists that penetrate into wall construction:
  • Masonry walls: Gaps left around joists that penetrate into the inner leaf of external walls. Air leakage from the cavity into the upper floor void leaking into the dwelling through gaps between flooring and through any penetrations in the ceilings, eg recessed lights and ceiling light roses.
  • Through electrical sockets where faceplates are missing.
  • Loft hatches not fitting properly or the seals are missing.
  • Around recessed ceiling lights.

Window/Door components (Air Test Failure Risk 6/10)

  • Doors and windows that have poor seals that do not close tightly resulting in large air leakage paths.
  • Trickle vents are damaged or missing
  • The frames are twisted do the doors and windows are not sitting tight against the seals.
  • The door/window handles are damaged and are not closing properly.
  • Missing/broken window panes.
  • Under door & window cills at the cill/wall junction.

Kitchen Units (Air Test Failure Risk 9/10)

  • Large gaps left around services that penetrate through the wall behind the kitchen units.
  • Large Gaps around poorly fitted extractor fans and cooker hoods around the wall and the ventilation duct.
  • Large gaps around the floor/wall junction.
  • Holes not sealed around the bottom of the domestic service riser.

Bathrooms (Air Test Failure Risk 8/10)

  • Large Gaps around bath panels
  • Large gap around penetrations under the bath
  • Gaps around the sink waste
  • Large gaps around the toilets SVP where it terminates into service boxing.
  • Gaps to the rear of the toilets – especially prevalent around wall mounted toilets.

Boiler Cupboards (Air Test Failure Risk 9/10)

  • Large gaps left around services that penetrate through the walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Large gaps around ventilation flue.
  • Large gaps around the floor/wall junction behind the boiler.
  • Holes not sealed around the bottom of the domestic service riser.

If you would like more information in regards to your air tightness test and how you can reduce the chance of an air test failure please contact us now at or contact us on 02036 692560.


Understanding your Car’s Tyres

Understanding your Car’s Tyres

Understanding your Car’s Tyres with Tams Tyres
Tyres are one of the most important safety features on your car or vehicle. After all, your tyres are the only thing that connects the car to the road surface, and other technologies such as antilock braking systems and electronic stability controls cannot do their job if the tyres don’t have a good grip on the road surface. Yet tyres are often considered to be one of the least understood components of our vehicles.

As everyone’s driving needs are different, it makes sense that no one single type of tyre is best. Like most things in life, what tyres are the best for you may not be appropriate for another driver.

When replacing your car tyres it pays to speak to a specialist, someone like Tams Tyres of Gateshead who have been supplying high quality, low cost tyres to drivers of all vehicles across Gateshead, Newcastle & the North East. Tams Tyres carry a wide range of leading brand names tyres and after discussing the type of driving you do will be able to offer the very best advice and recommendations as to which tyre to fit to your vehicle.  Remember, cheaper quality and poorly manufactured tyres will likely wear out much quicker than good quality tyres, plus can often lead to extended stopping distances and may result in less control during an emergency manoeuvre.

Tyres, like most things in life, can be something of a trade-off. Performance Tyres can often wear out quicker than ‘regular tyres’ – obviously depending on your driving technique and the road conditions, while general road tyres will provide a more comfortable ride but be less agile in the corners. Again, speak to your tyre dealer about any possible trade-offs for the type of tyres you are considering buying.

Most modern cars will come with general all-season tyres fitted. These are great for most people for most conditions, however if you live where it snows a lot, then you may wish to consider buying a set of snow Tyres (sometimes referred to as winter Tyres) and use them throughout the winter months. All-season tyres are designed to handle all weather conditions. Snow / Winter Tyres are designed with one thing in mind: to help you drive more safely and improve road traction when temperatures are low and the roads are covered in snow and ice.

Many drivers will fit a car tyre then forget it. Even allowing for modern tyre reliability and manufacturing methods, this can be a mistake as tyres are NOT maintenance free items! It is estimated that an average tyres will lose around 1 psi of pressure per month so it is a good idea to check your tyre inflation pressures and inspect their general tread condition on a weekly basis. Underinflated tyres can impact upon your cars fuel efficiency, reducing the miles per gallon you achieve – costing you money, and are more likely to suffer a puncture. Remember, you can’t tell the tyre pressure is low just by looking.

So, how can you increase the lifespan of your car tyres? Adopt the following and you could put off having to make a trip to your local tyre dealership for at least a couple of months. Regularly check your tyre pressure and tread condition.  This probably won’t involve any more than a couple of minutes, but that time spent checking your tyres could alert you to any problems that might have arisen. Check the surface of the tyres for cracks and odd looking bulges. Try to avoid accelerating to quickly form traffic lights of junctions. Wheel skid may sound good but it’s a great way to quickly wear out your tyres. These alone could prolong the lifespan of your tyres significantly.

It is also important to recognise that there is a legal requirement to maintain your car or other vehicle tyres. Remember, this legal requirement exists to help keep you, other drivers and pedestrians remain safe, and to prevent accidents occurring on the roads.

If you would like a free tyre check and live in the Gateshead or Newcastle area of the North East then call Tam Tyres now on 0191 4604809 or visit the Tams Tyres website today.

Ladies’ Fashions & James Meade Clothing

Ladies’ Fashions & James Meade Clothing

Great Winter Sale Prices on Ladies’ Fashions
With the Christmas shopping season in full swing, many smart shoppers who started early are now winding down and enjoying time with family and friends. Not everyone is so fortunate, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. While having to do last-minute Christmas gift shopping can be rather stressful as Christmas day approaches, those final days still present opportunities to save money on clothing and other seasonal items.

During the weeks that follow Christmas, the opportunities are even better. Although most people do not associate the end of Christmas with the coming of spring, early winter is a great time to take advantage of reduced prices on ladies fashions and winter clothing and even think ahead to autumn and winter wardrobe updates for yourself or setting gifts aside for next year. Sweaters in a variety of materials, including cashmere and merino wool, can be found at a substantial discount during winter sales, as can purses, shoes and other accessories in colours that travel well across seasons.

And consider the winter coat you wear the most: if you’ve had it for several seasons and feel that it has seen better days, purchasing a coat during a winter sale and saving it until next year will allow you to continue wearing the coat you already have until the end of its useful life, and you will be able to make a fresh start when the time comes to take your new coat out next year.

Shopping online makes the task even easier, with size charts taking the guesswork out of clothing size selection and convenient online ordering saving you the trouble of driving to a shop.

James Meade has been producing high-quality ladies’ clothing in classic styles for over 20 years. Our exclusive designs embody timeless elegance and will be welcome elements in your wardrobe and in those of friends and relatives with a preference for classic ladies’ fashions which help them put their best foot forward at all times. Our helpful size charts, free returns and no-time-limit guarantee make online shopping simple and worry-free. Save now during the winter sale, now online at James Meade.

For more information or to place an order, call us today on 0844 573 4970 or visit the James Meade ladies fashions website today and see the great range of clothing we have for sale.

Air Testing Questions with Air Pressure Testing

Air Testing Questions with Air Pressure Testing

Air Testing Questions with Air Pressure Testing
To try and help our clients better understand their air tightness testing responsibilities we have shown our most common questions and answers below.

Q: Why do we build air tight dwellings?

A: By reducing air leakage of a building to lower the air test result it reduces the amount of energy required to maintain comfort levels and in turn reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Q: Why do we have to undertake air testing in domestic properties?

A: Because proving the air tightness of a building is now part of the Part L of Building Regulations. Domestic energy accounts for more than 25% of the UK’s CO2emissions and it’s is hoped that the CO2 emissions will be reduced by 20%-28% by2010.

Q: What are air leakage paths in buildings?

A: Air leakage paths are uncontrolled flows of air through gaps and cracks in the building fabric. It is not the controlled flow of air into or out of the building through purpose built ventilators.

Q: How do you measure Air Leakage in buildings?

A: The pressure differential is measured across the envelope of the building by means of a large fan installed temporarily sealed and a range of static pressures and environmental readings are taken throughout the air test. The fan is switched on and the air pressure in the property is gradually increased or decreased and the differential pressure is recorded between 25-70Pa. The total air flow required to achieve a pressure differential of 50 Pa is calculated and divided by the total building envelope area to provide the leakage rate in m3/h.m2@50Pa.

Q: If air testing is not undertaken will it affect my SAP report results?

  1. Pressure testing can be carried out to a ‘sample’ of units as described above, however if you don’t undertake air testing to all the units the designed air leakage target is automatically lowered by 2m3/hr/m2, i.e. if air leakage rate shown on the SAP is 5m3/hr/m2 (a very common figure) then you will then need to get below 3m3/hr/m2 which is very difficult to attain. If you test every unit it reverts back to the designed air leakage rate of 5m3/hr/m2 as shown on the SAP.

Q: How many air tests are required on my development?

A: On each development, an air pressure test should be carried out on THREE units of each dwelling type or 50% of all the instances of that dwelling type, whichever is less.

A block of flats should be treated as a separate development irrespective of the number of blocks on the site.

Q: When should Air Tightness Test take place?

A: The specific dwellings making up the test sample should be selected by the Building Control Body in consultation with the pressure tester. They should be selected so that about half of the scheduled tests for each dwelling type are carried during construction of the first 25% of each dwelling type. All tests on dwellings in the sample shall be reported to the Building Control Body, including any test failures. The aim is to enable lessons to be learned and adjustments to design and/or site procedures to be made before the majority of the dwellings are built. The actual dwelling needs to be practically complete. Please view the pre-test check list.

Q: How long does a typical ‘domestic’ Air Test take?

A: The duration of the domestic air test should take no longer than 2 hours. If the property passes the Air tightness test a certificate will be issued which should be passed to the Building Control Body within 7 days of the test being carried out.

Q: How long does a typical Commercial Air tightness Test take?

A: The duration of a commercial air test may take up to 4hrs, as the door panel is far bigger and more complex to set up in comparison to the ‘dwelling’ door panel and there may be many more areas that required authorised temporary sealing prior to the air test.

Q: What are the common causes of Air Leakage in buildings?

A: there are many common air leakage paths, through the wall/floor junction behind kitchen units, through service penetrations in boiler cupboards. Air can also escape through porous block work and through the wall/floor junction behind dot & dab plasterboard. It’s worth noting that even when cavities are filled with insulation, air may leak through it.

Q: How much does a typical residential & Commercial Air Tightness Test cost?

A: It depends on the location and the number of tests that are required on each site. Please contact us at  to obtain a no obligation quote. It’s useful to consider that several UK studies have shown that improved and demonstrable property air tightness can yield savings of 15% to 30%. Therefore the cost of the air tightness test This should result in a higher sale price for the property because of on-going reduced energy costs.

Contact Air Pressure Testing Whether you need air tightness design consultancy, or just a simple air test Air Pressure Test have the knowledge and experience to ensure your building passes first time.

If you are unsure of the air tightness services you require, please call us on 07775 623464 or visit our website and we will be happy to guide you through the process, ensuring that you receive the right level of advice at the right time.

Alloy Wheel Repair Services Glasgow

Alloy Wheel Repair Services Glasgow

Alloy Wheels – New or Refurbished, Improve the Look of Your Vehicle
Alloy Wheels for your car or ‘Alloys’ are very definitely a must have for many drivers these days. Alloy wheels can be seen on most modern cars as well as on custom vehicles and would seem to be gaining in popularity every day. So what exactly are alloy wheels and how are they different from normal wheels? And crucially, are they better than normal wheels?

Alloy Wheels perform the same function in vehicles as the normal steel wheels but they have certain added features that make them different and arguably better. Compared to wheels made of steel, alloy wheels are composed of aluminium or magnesium alloys that effectively increases their strength, making them stronger and durable, lighter in weight, better in performance and most importantly for most drivers – improved style and bling!

The typical alloy wheel is manufactured either by the process of casting or by forging of metal alloys. Forged alloy wheels are lighter and much more durable than cast alloys but they are a little hard on the pocket. These wheels are usually the preferred choice for high-performance sports cars but that does not mean you can’t fit them on any other car. Comparatively, cast aluminium alloys are heavier but they are cheaper and yet have almost the same styling as that of forged alloys.

There is however another type of stylish wheels called Mag-Wheels. Magnesium alloys or mag-wheels are whole magnesium cast or forged wheels used in racing cars as they are the lightest wheels available. Mag-wheels are high on performance as well as on styling.

Unmatched style is probably the main reason why most people now prefer alloy wheels for their vehicle. There is no doubt that alloys make the vehicle look posh and increase its cosmetic appeal but there are two other definite advantages of fitting them in your car instead of the normal steel wheels:

•Alloy wheels are lighter, that means your vehicle has less un-sprung mass. This means your vehicle handles better and there is improved road grip on most terrains. A lighter vehicle will obviously perform better on the mileage count as well.

•They are also good in terms of balancing. Your vehicle balances well reducing stress on other parts of your car like the suspension and the axles.

Besides that, did we discuss about the style that a set of alloys can add to your vehicle? You no longer require those odd looking (and often quite expensive) wheel trims and you can definitely avoid displaying those (very often) ugly looking steel rims.

A fact worth considering is that used alloy wheels very often are available at a much lower price in the market rather than the price often paid to purchase a brand new set of alloy wheels.  You get the style and features of alloys without spending much. Which leads us into repairing or refurbishing alloy wheels so they look as good as new using the cutting edge ‘Diamond Cutting’ system.

Diamond cutting entails skimming your alloy wheels with a high powered diamond coated buffer, leaving a sophisticated shined surface to your rims. A protective coat of lacquer is then added to finish off the process.

Although a diamond cut finish is not possible on all cars, most alloy wheels can be skimmed in this fashion for the latest in alloy style and to give your ride the look that gets you noticed. It can even add a little extra protection against kerbside bumps and scrapes and chipping from the road. These hazards can leave unwanted markings and damage to your wheel trims, so get protection the diamond way with Diamond Cut Alloys.

Companies specialising in alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment can offer the diamond cut repair service, plus alloy wheel painting services for all alloys in a wide variety of colours and styles so there will always be a combination for you.

Contact a specialist alloy wheel refurbishment company such as Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels of Glasgow who have workshops located around the Glasgow region of Scotland, and get your alloys looking great again.